The first Vicariate Apostolic of Bengal was established in year 1834, with its headquarters at Kolkata. Fr. Zubiburu, a Spanish Carmelite priest was the first missionary went to Koikhali in the year 1840 along with Mr. Crow, the District Magistrate . They built a catholic community of 278 members during the time of Msgr Patrick Carew who was Vicar Apostolic. At present Koikhali comes under Raghabpur parish. Owing to bad health he could not continue his work and left the place.

In the year 1859, the Belgian Jesuit missionaries came to Bengal. In 1868 at the invitation of Kala Chand ( Stanislas), Father Goffinet SJ went to a small village called Gokurni near Magra Hat. A few days later in July 1868, he baptized a little girl of six in Magra Hat which was the happy passage for the Christian community in 24 Parganas. From here again Father Goffinet SJ went to Koikhali and continued the missionary work started by the Spanish Carmelite priest, under Msgr. Steins SJ. Father Goffinet SJ lived a saintly life. Later it was Father E. Delplace SJ the pioneer who went around establishing five mission stations in four years, Raghabpur, Morapai, Basanti, Khari and Baidyapur. (1873-1877). In 1877 Msgr. P. Goethals became the Vicar Apostolic. During this time because of the expansion of the Chotanagpur mission, three Missions were closed and only two were retained, namely Morapai and Raghabpur.

In 1886 the Vicariate Apostolic became the Archdiocese of Calcutta. Under the guidance of Archbishops P. Goethals and B. Meuleman SJ the Chota Nagpur Mission developed wonderfully, so much so, that in 1927 Ranchi became an independent diocese. Archbishop Perier SJ was at the helm from 1924 to 1960. During this time more attention was given to the Bengal Districts. The Yugoslav Jesuit Priests were invited to come to Bengal and to take charge of the 24 Parganas District. That move marked a new start of the Sunderbans' Mission. Starting from 1925 right up to 1950, 18 Jesuits came from Yugoslavia to work in the Bengal Mission; most of them were posted in the 24 Parganas. They started new mission stations or re-opened old ones, they built churches and chapels and generally, they injected new life in the existing Catholic communities. After the war, unfortunately, the doors were closed and no new missionaries could come in. Later the Belgian Jesuits and Indian priests took over the missions. The tenure of Archbishop V. Dyer (1960-1962) and Archbishop Albert D'Souza (1962-1969) witnessed further divisions of the Archdiocese, the dioceses of Jamshedpur, Darjeeling and Dumka were established. Father L.T. Picachy SJ became the Bishop of Jamshedpur and later Archbishop of Calcutta in 1969 and Cardinal in 1976. In 1978 the Diocese of Baruipur was born.

The Bull of the Diocese is dated May 30, 1977, Bishop Linus Nirmal Gomes was ordained as first Bishop of Baruipur Diocese on Saturday, November 19, 1977 and on Sunday, March 12, 1978, Rev. Fr. Leander D' Costa, then chancellor of the Archdiocese of Calcutta, gave canonical effect to the Apostolic Letters during a ceremony which took place at St. Stephen the Martyr's Church, Kalyanpur. Since the inception of the diocese in 1977 to 1995, during 18 years of his tenure there were lot of developments in the diocese namely constructions of new Bishop's House and establishment of Palli Unnayan Samiti in Baruipur. During his time three new parishes established namely Baruipur, Gosaba and Budge Budge.

New institutions such are Juniorate Dhyan Ashram, Konchowki, Holy Cross Convent, Baruipur, Candidates House (Loreto), Thakurpukur, K. E. Carmel School, Amtala, Women's Welfare Centre (AC), Anandapalli, Bethany Convent (SIC), Thakurpukur, , Daughters of St. Anne Convent, Gobrachowk, Holy Cross School, Baruipur and Postulants House (AC), Keorapukur, came to existence Rt. Rev. Linus Nirmal Gomes SJ, after leading the diocese as a Good Shepherd for 18 years, tendered his resignation to the Holy See due to ill health. Holy Father accepted his resignation with effect from October 31, 1995. Rev. Fr. Salvadore Lobo was elected as the Administrator of the Diocese. He was later appointed the Bishop of Baruipur by the Holy See on Friday, November 14, 1997 and was ordained a Bishop on Thursday, January 29, 1998.

Under the leadership of Bishop Salvadore Lobo as a Good Shepherd, there was steady growth in the diocese. Past twenty years of his service there were many different kind of developments in the diocese. Eleven new parishes were established, namely 1 Ranigarh, 2 Sonarpur, 3 Sajnaberia, 4 Panchamkhanda, 5 Bamanpukur, 6 Salepur, 7 Gangarampur under Pilar Fathers, 8 St.Jude Malankara Catholic Church Thakurpukur (since 2016 under Diocese of Gurgaon) 9 Diamond Harbour under Salesians of Don Bosco and 10 Canning under Vincentian Fathers (C.M.) 11 Nazat under Claretians Fathers.

Newly Cathedral Church which was built under the able guidance of Bishop Salvadore Lobo was blessed in 2009.

The following convents have been established, 1 Carmelite of Mother Carmel (CMC), Budge Budge, 2 Adoration Convent (SABS), Joka, 3 Missionaries of Charity Sisters, Kirtankhola. 4 Missionaries of Charity Sisters, Gangarampur, 5 Daughters of the Cross, Gosaba. 6 Daughter of the Cross Convent, Baidyapur, 7 Daughters of St. Anne, Ranigarh, 8 Daughters of St. Anne, Kalikanan

Different congregations started their new schools in following places 1 Carmel School, Budge Budge, 2 K. E. Carmel School, Sarisha, 3 De Paul School, Canning, 4 St.Montfort Ss.Secondary School,Balarampur, Baruipur, 5 De Paul School, Jayanpur, 6 St. Mary,s English Medium School, Kalyanpur, 7 Carmel English medium School, Keorapukur.

The following institutions were blessed during the said time namely, 1 Paribar Jyoti (Family Commission), Dhopagachi, 2 Diocesan Minor Seminary Samarpan, Baruipur, 3 Diocesan Pastoral Centre, Dishari Salepur (Baruipur), 4 Pillar Fathers (SFX) Minor Seminary Gangarampur and 5 St.Joseph's Training Centre, Paddopukur(Baruipur)

Baruipur Town

According to common belief, the name Baruipur derived from the word 'Barui' which means betel planter. Baruipur became a sub-division in 1858, during the British regime for collection of taxes under a collector. Baruipur town of the district of South 24-Parganas situated on the banks of the canal at the crossing of Diamond Harbour and Lakshmikantapur between Kolkata and Sunderbans. Baruipur municipality covers an area of 9.07 Sq.Km.

Baruipur Municipality is located at the extreme southern side of Kolkata Metropolitan Area. A Railway line has connected this municipality with Kolkata and southern part of South 24 Pgs. Garia – Baruipur Road or Kulpi Road is one of the major roads, which has connected the area with Kolkata and North 24 Pgs through E.M Bye Pass

Baruipur Diocese is connected from Sealdah-South railway station. There are daily 133 trains going to and fro from Sealdah to South railway station to Budge Budge, Canning, Diamond Harbour, KakdwipNamkhana, Lakshmikantapur, Baruipur and Sonarpur. Beside Baruipur town is well connected by bus route from Kolkata.

South 24 Parganas District

South 24 Parganas is an important district of West Bengal. The district is famous for the delta region called the Sundarban, which is a tourist sport that witnesses people from all over the world. The land of south 24 Parganas District is very fertile and comprises of dense forest area that is home to large number of birds, animals and tropical trees including the Royal Bengal Tiger.

South 24 Parganas is located on the south eastern part of West Bengal and has lots of rivers and cluster of islands. The district is surrounded by North 24 Parganas to the north, Haora to the North West, Purba Medinipur to the west, Bay of Bengal to the south, and to the north east is North 24 Parganas and to the east is Bangladesh. The head quarter is situated in Alipore.

National highway No. 117 passes through the district and connects to small and large towns and also to the rest of the state. Railway services are available in the district. It has a railway station as well. River Hooghly flows from the border of the district and Kakdwip is very near to the river.

Update Official reports of 2015 say that the population of the district was 8,161,961. The district is known for its tourist destination. It has plenty of natural beauty were thousands of visitors flock to the place like Ganga Sagar, Sundarban, Bakkhali beach.

There are 29 Blocks in the district, Baruipur, Basanti, Bhangar I, Bhangar II, Bishnupur I, Bishnupur II, Budge Budge I, Budge Budge II, Canning I, Canning II, Diamond Harbour I, Diamond Harbour II, Falta, Gosaba, Jaynagar I, Jaynagar II, Kakdwip, Kulpi, Kultali, Magrahat I, Magrahat II, Mandirbazar, Mathurapur I, Mathurapur II, Namkhana, Patharpratima, Sagar, Sonarpur, Thakurpukur Mahestola.

5 Sub Divisions – Alipore, Baruipur, Canning, Diamond Harbour, Kakdwip 5 Lok Sabha Constituencies, Jaynagar (Sc), Mathurapur (Sc), Diamond Harbour, Jadavpur, Kolkata Dakshin

32 Assembly Constituencies – Gosaba, Basanti, Kultali, Patharpratima, Kakdwip, Sagar, Kulpi, Raidighi, Mandirbazar, Joynagar, Baruipur Purba, Canning Paschim, Canning Purba, Baruipur Paschim, Magrahat Purba, Magrahat Paschim, Diamond Harbour, Falta, Satgachhia, Bishnupur, Sonarpur Dakshin, Bhangar, Kasba, Jadavpur, Sonarpur Uttar, Tollyganj, Behala Purba, Behala Paschim, Maheshtala, Budge Budge, Metiaburuz

District has 1085 Mauzas, 312 Gram Panchayats, 7 Municipalities (consisting of 150 wards),

33 Police Stations, 37 Island in the District,

North 24 Parganas District

Geographically 6 Blocks of Basirhat Sub Division of North 24 Parganas District come under Baruipur Diocese. They are Hasnabad, Hinglgunj, Haroa, Minakha, Sandheshkhali I &Sandheshkhali II. These 6 blocks consist of 50 Gram Panchyats. As per census 2011, the Population of these 6 blocks totals 9, 62,193and falls under Baruipur Diocese.

4 Police stations of North 24 Parganas District, namely Sadeshkhali, Minakha, Hingalgunj and Hasnabad comes under Baruipur Diocese.

Kolkata Corporation

The following Ward Numbers of Kolkata Corporation 109,114,115,122, 124,125,142, 143, 144,are part of Baruipur Diocese where some of the people of Thakurpukur, Keorapukur, Sajnaberia and Sonarpur parish people live.

Thakurpukur, Haridevpur, Purbo Jadavpur, Regent Park, Sarsuna Police stations under Kolkata Police Administration fall under Baruipur Diocese.

In short the jurisdiction of Diocese of Baruipur consists :- South 24 Parganas District, part of North 24 Parganas District and a part of Kolkata Metropolis(Corporation)