25. Family Commission - Paribar Jyoti "

Established: 1999

“Paribar Jyoti”, Dhopaghachi, P.O. Bamungachi, Kolkata 700 145.
Ph: 9230796493 / 8697527231
Email: prbrjot@gmail.com / prdp50@gmail.com
Web: www.paribarjyoti.org

Rev. Fr. Pradeep Roy

The Diocesan Family Commission was started in 1999 with the motto, "Happy Families for a Happier and More Peaceful World". It is currently operating in 103centres.

Promoting healthy family relationships through workshops/ Counseling for young and middle aged couples, Marriage preparation courses for adult boys and girls.

Promoting children's mental health and personality development through Seminars for parents, Orientation for schoolteachers and Programmes for personality development of the adolescent boys and girls.

Various Awareness meetings/programmes, promoting mental health / family relationships awareness in the villages through existing organizations- CLC, SHG, ICDS/Health Dept.

Reaching out to as many families as possible through Training of animators, training of mental health promoters (MHP), Training of barefoot counsellors, and basic level training in psychological counselling.